Our Territory: among Nature, Tradition, Innovation*

img471San Martino di Castrozza, the Primiero Valley, Passo Rolle, the Valley of Vanoi, Val Canali, Val Noana. Mountain places, dolomites and further rocks, diverse among ‘em, even though within the same context. Maybe one of the most beautiful mountain landscapes all over the World. Because, the same territory that hosts them – while hosting one of the most beautiful downtown villages in Italy (Mezzano di Primiero), in a land watching peoples and nations once in war, nowadays in peace – everything is surrounded by several really diverse and amazing mountain scenarios, nestled almost in the same place, as they were representing all the different kinds of mountains that we can find around, somewhere else, all over our Planet. San Martino di Castrozza, one of the most famuos skiing and touristic villages worldwide, sourranded by and within the Dolomites; a Valley, the one of Primiero, in which You can find towns really alive and rich in history as much as in several cultural events, dominated, as said, by several kinds of mountains, amazingly diverse among them; a magnificent mountain pass (one of many, here around Primiero), often shot for the most popular advertisements, once Austria, nowadays Italy, boarding the forest from which Stradivari used to chose the best woods for his famous violins; as much as we’ve the Vanoi Valley, also known as “Cuore Verde del Trentino”, seat of the Bio-District Project, uncontaminated and quite, involved in offering incredible fauna and flora unique on a worldwide basis; while stands, still uncontaminated itself too, the by definition “wild” Val Canali, as a real extreme melting pot among people, nature, history, mystery and magic, this time laying straight on the feet of the eastern side of the Pale di San Martino’s Dolomites; to the Eastern side, the Passo Cereda and the Mis, where the visitor's eye gets lost to the Agordine peaks; getting to, last-but-not-the-least, Val Noana, typical canyon-style mountain gorge in which one of the most famous sculptors all over the world, the water, had a lot of fun drilling hollows, rapids, falls and surreal glimpses. Everything beside or within the Paneveggio - Pale di San Martino Natural Park (further info @ www.sanmartino.com).  


In this context of wildlife, tradition and innoviation, the Green Way Primiero® Project took place, as a matter of a way of being, a unique lifestyle chosen by the entire community of San Martino di Castrozza, Passo Rolle, Primiero and Vanoi, aimed at promoting an environmentally aware territory. Doing this, the whole context’s involved in pushing innovative projects for achieving energetic, fossil-free, sustainable mobility high performances and targets, while preserving the landscape in all the possible ways.
Low-impact living’s possible, as our territory’s continuously confirming, through the promotion of several concrete choices and actions, aimed at respecting a unique territory such as the one that hosts the Pale di San Martino, within the Dolomites – UNESCO heritage. Immobiliare Zeta, after had fulfilled specific environmental targets, took part at the Green Way Primiero® initiative.


In the meantime and within the described context, Immobiliare Zeta, through it’s Zeta.Green Division (www.zeta.green), while offering real estates for sale or for rent, its’ deeply committed and involved in addressing his Clients to the best available home-life-quality, environmental and energetic solutions.

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