Zeta Green

Zeta Green: Life Quality and Energy Management.

Immobiliare Zeta (Zeta.Estate)'s Zeta Green* Division's aimed at placing goods and services for improving energy and environmental performances in real estates ambit.

This Division is thought to give Immobilare Zeta's Clients the chance to access the best available consultancy for improving their real estate's cost management performance.

Zeta Green's network is based on trained and innovative professionals and firms, able to place tailor-made solutions for achieving legal compliances and continuous improvements, till the almost zero emission target.

This Department purposes solutions after dedicated cost/benefit simulations, with the aim of tracing the best available and most economical solution, complying with actual and continuously changing legal anche technical requirements.

Zeta Green provides also solutions aimed at managing healthiness and waste management realestate-related matters. Book Your inspection at Your home or company, writihg to as at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

*Zeta Green Division is in ousourcing managed by GeneralBioConcept PLUS Srl company (www.generalbioconcept.com - Vat Code: IT09056921001), that's a matter of a energetic, environmental and strategic consulting firm, itself active in placing good and services for sustainable entrepreneurship, mobility and habitation.